Florida woman's Apple Watch traces lost luggage to airport worker's home - The Washington Post

Florida woman’s Apple Watch traces lost luggage to airport worker’s home – The Washington Post

Hey, have you heard about the shop worker at a South Florida airport who got caught stealing thousands of dollars worth of electronics and clothes? So this woman, Paola Garcia, tracked her missing luggage to this guy’s house using her Apple Watch signal. Can you believe it? Her bag had a MacBook, an iPad, an Apple Watch, jewelry, and some fancy clothes in it.

So basically, this guy, Junior Geneus Bazile, who worked at a store in the airport, was caught on CCTV taking the stuff out of the pink suitcase that matched Garcia’s. And get this, when the woman went to the guy’s house to get her things back, he wasn’t even home. How sneaky is that?

The shop where Bazile worked, Paradies Lagardère, fired him right away when they found out. But still, Garcia’s stuff was never recovered, which totally sucks. Spirit Airlines even gave her some cash as a sorry gesture, even though they claim none of their employees were involved. What a mess, right?

It’s crazy to think that airport workers can just take your stuff like that. But it’s happened before. In 2022, a guy got caught stealing after investigators used an Apple AirTag to track the missing suitcase. It had over $16,000 worth of stolen goods in it! Scary stuff, man.

So, what can you do if this happens to you? Make sure to file a claim at the airline’s baggage desk if your bag goes missing. Keep all your receipts in case you need to ask for compensation. And dude, get some travel insurance! It’ll save your butt if something goes wrong.

Also, try not to check your bags if you can help it. And if you have to, maybe consider using a location tracking device like an Apple AirTag. But hey, be careful, some airlines have rules about these things.

And if worst comes to worst and your stuff is missing, don’t go looking for it alone like Garcia did. Tell the police instead. Because, let’s face it, you never know what you might find out there. Stay safe, folks.